Tyndale’s Cry: Scripture in Our Own Language!

  Before recently, I read about the English reformer William Tyndale but I never read anything he himself wrote.  So I started reading The Obedience of a Christian Man, a treatise he wrote in 1528.  This is an incredible book.  Scripture simply dripped from his pen; he wrote as if he had memorized the entire Bible.  He… Continue reading Tyndale’s Cry: Scripture in Our Own Language!

Tyndale Bulletin Online (Free!)

One of you (our "blog friends") may have pointed this link out to us awhile back (sorry if it is old news!); we just want to pass it along for our readers as well.  Tyndale House has made their Tyndale Bulletin available online for free.  Go here to read and download articles from 1956-2007.  Scholars/authors… Continue reading Tyndale Bulletin Online (Free!)