Turretin on Christ’s Twofold Kingdom

Christ is king! But what exactly does this mean?  When we talk about Christ’s kingdom, we have to distinguish before we discuss.  In Francis Turretin’s (d. 1687) words, “…Before all things we must distinguish the twofold kingdom….” Below is my edited summary of Turretin’s helpful distinction of Christ’s twofold kingdom. (I’m not sure how to… Continue reading Turretin on Christ’s Twofold Kingdom

Bavinck on the Two Kingdoms

(Note: this is a repost from March, 2009) Earlier, I noted how some Reformed teachers from around 1700 talked about the two kingdoms, the two-fold reign of Christ.  For review, Thomas Watson and Wilhelmus a Brakel (along with others) talked about Christ's general reign over all things and his special reign over the church.  The… Continue reading Bavinck on the Two Kingdoms

The Two Kingdoms and Christian Ethics

One of the worst misrepresentations of the Reformation teaching of God's two kingdoms that I've heard goes like this: "Two kingdom theology means that we only have to live as Christians on Sunday but not the rest of the week."  This notion is completely mistaken in every way; it is absolutely not at all an… Continue reading The Two Kingdoms and Christian Ethics

Natural Law and Two Kingdoms in Reformed Orthodoxy

  In my studies of the Reformers and Reformed Scholasticism, two of the more practical and helpful teachings I found were the doctrines of the two kingdoms and natural law.  In other terms, it was a great learning experience to see 1) how Reformed theologians typically distinguished between many aspects of the church and the civil… Continue reading Natural Law and Two Kingdoms in Reformed Orthodoxy

Kuyper and Kingdoms

 In his fine book that deals with the person and work of the Holy Spirit, Abraham Kuyper talks about prayer and the Holy Spirit's role in it.  The section is quite good.  One thing that stuck out to me was how Kuyper explained intercessory prayer with regard to the phrase, "Thy kingdom come."  He said this first of all has… Continue reading Kuyper and Kingdoms