Latin Lesson: Historic Protestantism on Christ’s Kingdom

As a few of our readers may know, in some small pockets of Reformed Christianity there is strong opposition to making distinctions in the way Christ reigns over the world.  Some say we must not distinguish between Christ’s general rule over all and his saving rule over his church.  (FYI, if you’ve not heard of… Continue reading Latin Lesson: Historic Protestantism on Christ’s Kingdom

The Two-fold Aspect of God’s Kingdom (Witsius)

  In Reformed church history, theologians have generally made a distinction when it came to discussing God’s kingdom or kingdoms.  Simply put, historic Reformed theology distinguished between God’s general kingdom (his kingdom of power/nature) and God’s saving kingdom (his kingdom of grace/glory).  Here’s how Herman Witsius spoke about this distinction in his discussion on the… Continue reading The Two-fold Aspect of God’s Kingdom (Witsius)

Hodge on Christ’s Twofold Reign

Charles Hodge (d. 1878) spoke about Christ’s twofold kingship like other Reformed theologians spoke of it (see here).  Hodge said, “Christ exercises his royal authority, so to speak, in different spheres.”  Here’s a summary of Hodge’s discussion, found in his Systematic Theology, III.XI.3-4. 1) Christ’s dominion over the universe.  Christ has what theologians are accustomed… Continue reading Hodge on Christ’s Twofold Reign

Kingdom Distinction in Reformed Theology

Historic Reformed theology has typically made distinctions when discussing the kingdom of God.  Reformed theologians said there is a kingdom of power as well as a kingdom of grace/glory.  (Lutheran theologians have used similar terms.)  The kingdom of power is God’s general (non-redemptive) reign over all things (Ps. 103:19).  The kingdom of grace/glory is God’s… Continue reading Kingdom Distinction in Reformed Theology

Distinguishing in Theology and Christ’s Kingdom(s)

One of the major reasons I have come to appreciate Reformed theology is because it is biblically nuanced.  After studying Scripture and then reading various theologies, I constantly find historic Reformed theology to be the most biblically robust and sensitive without being biblicistic or simplistic.  I like how Reformed theology refuses to flatten and blend… Continue reading Distinguishing in Theology and Christ’s Kingdom(s)