The Prophets, Eschatology, and Two-Ages (Vos)

Vos: Dogmatics This Q/A by G. Vos is so helpful for thinking about OT prophetic literature, eschatology, and the two-ages:  In many of these passages [Is. 2:2, Mic. 4:1, Acts 2:17, 1 Pet. 1:20, & 1 Jn 2:18], is not something entirely different spoken of than what we understand by “the last days,” namely, the… Continue reading The Prophets, Eschatology, and Two-Ages (Vos)

Stretched Between Two Poles

 In the pages between the hunter-orange covers of Kevin Vanhoozer’s book, The Drama of Doctrine, there is some excellent biblical theology.  Andrew and I have both benefited from this book in several ways.  Here’s a quote from page 111 that talks about how Christians are ultimately citizens of the age to come who (for now)… Continue reading Stretched Between Two Poles

Horton on Christ’s Real Absence

In Horton's last of four volumes on Reformed Theology in today's theological situation, People and Place, he discusses the doctrine of the church (Louisville: Westminster John Knox, 2008).  Along with the first three, this one shines.  In the first section, Horton wrestles with the truth that Jesus is not on earth, yet he is with us - not in… Continue reading Horton on Christ’s Real Absence