An Unhelpful Description of Sanctification

  In his popular book, Jesus + Nothing = Everything, Tullian Tchividjian gives many great explanations of what God’s grace means for sinners like us.  This book constantly focuses the reader on Jesus’ saving work.  There are quite a few helpful and encouraging words in this book.  But it’s not on my recommended reading list. … Continue reading An Unhelpful Description of Sanctification

Antinomianism by Mark Jones: A Review

“There is today a great deal of talk about ‘grace.’  It is described as scandalous, liberating, shocking, counterintuitive, unpredictable, dangerous, etc.  But when an emphasis on grace eclipses a focus on Christ, as it sometimes does, then grace is not being preached; rather, a sort of cheerleading experience takes place, in which very little is… Continue reading Antinomianism by Mark Jones: A Review