Is Predestination Central in Calvinism?

There's much more to Reformed theology than the doctrines of grace (TULIP).  Similarly, there's more to the doctrines of grace than predestination.  This needs to be said and repeated since some say that the central dogma of Calvinism is predestination, that predestination is at the core of the doctrines of grace.  Michael Horton gave some… Continue reading Is Predestination Central in Calvinism?

Augustine on Unconditional Election

Here are some excellent lines from Augustine on the doctrine of election – specifically unconditional election.  Augustine wrote these words in his comments on John 15:15-16. “Ye have not chosen me,” He says, “but I have chosen you.” Grace such as that is ineffable. For what were we so long as Christ had not yet… Continue reading Augustine on Unconditional Election

Problem with Election – or Depravity?

 Boice’s commentary on Ephesians is a masterpiece. “When people have trouble with election – and many do – their real problem is not with the doctrine of election, although they think it is, but with the doctrine of depravity that makes election necessary.” “The question to settle is: How far did the human race fall… Continue reading Problem with Election – or Depravity?

Unlimited Atonement: Not Really Substitutionary

I really appreciate what Greg Forster has to say here about definite, substitutionary atonement – the truth that Jesus died to save his people, his sheep, the elect chosen before the foundation of the world.  It will especially interest those of you who have studied the Arminian/Calvinism differences as well as those of you who… Continue reading Unlimited Atonement: Not Really Substitutionary

Preservation/Perseverance of the Saints: Practical Application

Yesterday I mentioned the biblical foundation of the doctrine of the perseverance of the saints.  We learned that this doctrine is based on biblical texts and biblical arguments/logic.  Today I want to note the "practical use" of this amazing doctrine.  In the terms of Wilhelmus a Brakel, this doctrine effectively comforts Christians and leads them… Continue reading Preservation/Perseverance of the Saints: Practical Application