Trials and the Artificer’s Gold (Wyche)

 In the early 15th century, John Wycliffe's influence was still being felt in the Western church even outside of England.  However, many church leaders were not fans of Wycliffe's critique of the church nor did they favor a major reformation of the church.  In fact, in a papal decree Pope Gregory XI called Wycliffe "the… Continue reading Trials and the Artificer’s Gold (Wyche)

Resources for the Afflicted

Most Christians, at one time or another, go through trials, affliction, distress, and deep sorrow. Whether it be physical pain, spiritual anguish, grief, persecution, or a heavy cross, followers of Jesus face tribulation on their journey to the New Jerusalem.  Sometimes we can’t sleep, we can’t stop crying, and we can’t stop asking God “why?”… Continue reading Resources for the Afflicted