Consolation in Affliction (Calvin)

Here's one of those wonderful insights from John Calvin (d. 1564) on the Christian's consolation in affliction. If you're suffering right now or facing a difficult trial, these words will make a good Monday meditation for your Christian heart and mind. It's based on Jesus' words to the criminal on the cross ("Today you will… Continue reading Consolation in Affliction (Calvin)

The Good In Sorrow (!?!)

I certainly don't know all the thoughts and feelings of other Christians as they've suffered hard through trial and affliction. But I do know that some Christians have remarked that God blessed them greatly during their suffering. Sometimes when we suffer we experience the comforting presence of God in an unexplicable way. Other times God's… Continue reading The Good In Sorrow (!?!)

None Shall Seek Thy Face in Vain (Cowper)

 I just love the hymns and poems of William Cowper.  In fact, I'd recommend a book of his hymns and poems to use as a short daily devotional.  My wife and I have used this one: William Cowper's Olney Hymns (Curiosmith, 2009). It's not expensive but it is a great resource.  Here's a great hymn I… Continue reading None Shall Seek Thy Face in Vain (Cowper)

The Duty Ours, The Power is God’s (Flavel)

When it comes to the mysterious providence of God and trials that come our way in his providence, we need to submit to his will (even when it's hard to do!). We need the faith to say, "Lord, you know best; thy will be done." How can we do that? It's easier said than done… Continue reading The Duty Ours, The Power is God’s (Flavel)

Afflictions as Sermons (Ursinus)

 This morning I happend to run across Zacharias Ursinus' discussion about affliction in his commentary on the Heidelberg Catechism.  The entire section is helpful and worth reading.  Here's a small sample, one that I thought was especially edifying.  I've edited a bit in light of the context to make it easier to read. The godly… Continue reading Afflictions as Sermons (Ursinus)