Christian Liberty, Beer, and Blogs

[This is a slightly edited repost from August, 2009.  Note: I’m not 100% sure the opening paragraph is still accurate, since I no longer read blogs.  But I believe the point still stands.] The Christian blogosphere and web community is filled with trends and fads – blogs have the clout and power to set Christian… Continue reading Christian Liberty, Beer, and Blogs

Coolness, Cash Cows, Cutting Edge, and Christianity

I'll never forget the time I told my Sunday School class that Christianity wasn't cool.  They shot me puzzled looks, thinking I was saying that Christianity is dumb.  After a little explanation, they pretty much agreed that it's not so cool.  This also reminds me of the first time I heard a youth pastor speak.  I… Continue reading Coolness, Cash Cows, Cutting Edge, and Christianity