The Divine Warrior Motif (OT/NT)

If you're looking for a solid and relatively easy to read book that traces the Divine Warrior motif through the OT and NT, you'll want to get God is a Warrior by Tremper Longman and Daniel Reid (Grand Rapids: Zondervan, 1995).  The layout is pretty straightforward.  The first part of the book is about God the Warrior… Continue reading The Divine Warrior Motif (OT/NT)

The Covenantal Psalter

In The Structure of Biblical Authority,  Meredith Kline wrote, “The covenant is the Psalter’s sphere of existence” (p. 62).  What does that mean? Is this a case where the theology shark is at work? (The theology shark is when one principle or theme of theology swallows everything else – to the detriment of the whole… Continue reading The Covenantal Psalter

The Psalter as Living and Dynamic

I've posted a few times on the Psalter in the last week or so, noting how the psalms were written and slowly collected somewhere between the period 1400 and 400 BCE, give or take.  This might be sort of a new concept for many Christians, but rather than detract from our view of Scripture it… Continue reading The Psalter as Living and Dynamic

The Titles of the Psalms: Original?

I've gone back and forth while contemplating and studying the titles of the psalms (i.e. Ps. 18's For the choir director [NLT]).  Were these titles written by the original author of the psalm?   Are they original or later additions?  Are they canonical and inspired?  By way of summary, here are what a few psalm scholars say.… Continue reading The Titles of the Psalms: Original?