“Sense for Sense” Translation and the NT use of the OT (Jerome)

The discussion of how the NT authors quoted, cited, or alluded to the OT Scriptures is very big one. There are so many things to think about when contemplating how Paul used Isaiah, for just one of many examples. Which "version" of the Septuagint did he use? Why did he sometimes stick more closely to… Continue reading “Sense for Sense” Translation and the NT use of the OT (Jerome)

Check Out the NET Bible

A friend and I were recently talking about Bible translations. Both of us mentioned our appreciation of the NET Bible. It's not as well-known as other modern translations, but it is for sure a worthwhile translation. Here's a post I wrote about the NET Bible in February 2018:  As I've mentioned here before, while I… Continue reading Check Out the NET Bible

The KJV and Orthodoxy(!?)

(This is a repost from November 2014)Unfortunately, some Christians view Bible translation as a litmus test of orthodoxy.  Probably the most notable example is the KJV-Only view.  Years ago I met a person who doubted someone could “get saved” by using any translation but the KJV. This person also believed that the best and most… Continue reading The KJV and Orthodoxy(!?)

Figures of Speech in the Bible (Bullinger)

 The text of Scripture, like other texts and writings, contains many figures of speech.  The Bible is not a textbook or manual that uses wooden propositions that are always literal and bland.  When you read recipes or the instructions for your daughter's new bike, you're not going to find many figures of speech.  You'll just… Continue reading Figures of Speech in the Bible (Bullinger)

The New Living Translation

  (This is a slightly edited repost from June 2010) Along with quite a few other translations of the Bible, I've been using the New Living Translation for over ten years now.  Though it is not necessarily my favorite translation, and though I've seen some weaknesses in the translation, there are certain aspects of it I appreciate.  For example, I like… Continue reading The New Living Translation