Two American Church Idols

 I've read these words by Carl Trueman around 11 times in the past year, and each time I read them I mark them up more.  He says that many evangelicals today are anti-historical, and they are prone to one of two idolatrous tendencies: "An idolatry of the new and the novel, with a concomitant disrespect for anything… Continue reading Two American Church Idols

The Church as Cultural Ghetto?

 These are outstanding words from Don Carson, found in his chapter ("Challenges for the Twenty-first Century Pulpit") of Preach the Word, a collection of essays on preaching in honor of R. Kent Hughes (edited by Leland Ryken and Todd Wilson).  In one section of his chapter, Carson talks about how the United States and Canada are becoming… Continue reading The Church as Cultural Ghetto?

Deep Church (Brief Review)

Yesterday I had the pleasure of reading Jim Belcher's Deep Church: A Third Way Beyond Emerging and Traditional (Downers Grove: IVP, 2009).  I just learned about it a few weeks ago and after checking it out on Amazon, I thought I should get it since I enjoy reading 21st century books about "church."  I've read quite a bit… Continue reading Deep Church (Brief Review)