Sola Scriptura and Tradition (Vanhoozer/Muller)

There is some misunderstanding in evangelicalism about the meaning of "sola scriptura" (Scripture alone). It would take a bit of time and space to go into detail on this statement. For now, I just want to point out one aspect of sola scriptura that people almost always forget: the important place of tradition in biblical… Continue reading Sola Scriptura and Tradition (Vanhoozer/Muller)

Tradition As Servant, Not Master

I appreciate how Terry Johnson talks about tradition in his chapter on sola Scriptura (from his book, The Case for Traditional Protestantism).  It is important to remember that solo Scriptura (by Scripture alone) doesn’t mean we do not value or honor tradition at all.  Rather, it means that tradition is a useful servant, but not… Continue reading Tradition As Servant, Not Master

The Fathers, Medieval Doctors, and the Reformers: Continuity in Scripture and Theology

 I appreciate how Richard Muller shows that the Reformers’ view of Scripture had its roots in the theology of the church fathers and medieval doctors.  We have a wrong view of the Reformation if we fail to understand that the Reformers stood on the shoulders of those who came before them in the church.  (Notice… Continue reading The Fathers, Medieval Doctors, and the Reformers: Continuity in Scripture and Theology

The Ground of Our Religion

What is the difference between the Roman Catholic view of Scripture & tradition and the Reformed understanding of it?  Richard Muller summarizes it quite well in Post Reformation-Reformed Dogmatics Volume Two: Holy Scripture.  There is more to his discussion, but here’s one helpful paragraph. “The Reformed orthodox stand in accord with the Reformers in their… Continue reading The Ground of Our Religion

The Authority of the Church: What Kind?

I appreciate Robert Shaw’s explanation of Westminster Confession of Faith 1.10, which talks about the authority of Scripture and the authority of the church. “’That Supreme Judge, by which all controversies in religion are to be determined, is no other but the Holy Spirit speaking in the Scripture,’ is asserted in opposition to the Papists,… Continue reading The Authority of the Church: What Kind?