Wholly Defiled (Van Dixhoorn)

In quite a few places the Bible talks about the sinfulness of mankind. Scripture does not gloss over evil or minimize sin. It describes it and explains it it most clear terms. Not only is the human heart deceitful above all things, it is also dead in sin apart from God's renewing grace (Jer. 17:9;… Continue reading Wholly Defiled (Van Dixhoorn)

The Exegetical Basis for Total Depravity and Total Inability (Murray)

One aspect of the doctrines of grace is the insistence that man, by nature, is unable and unwilling to come to Jesus in repentance and faith. Apart from saving grace, a sinner is corrupt in every part of his being and morally incapable of doing good in God's sight.  Although he isn't as wicked as… Continue reading The Exegetical Basis for Total Depravity and Total Inability (Murray)

Freedom of the Will? (Horton)

The Bible teaches that the human heart is deceitful above all things and that everyone who sins is a slave to sin (Jer. 17:9; John 8:34).  It teaches that apart from grace, a person is dead in sin (Eph. 2:1).  These texts and others like them are where Reformed theology gets the doctrines of total… Continue reading Freedom of the Will? (Horton)

Lewis Got it Wrong

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed many of C.S. Lewis’ books.  I’m not overly enamored with his work, but his writing is thought-provoking and quite helpful in many areas.  In other areas, however, he’s not so helpful.  One of those areas is the doctrine of sin and depravity.  Here are some quotes from an otherwise decent book, The… Continue reading Lewis Got it Wrong

Problem with Election – or Depravity?

 Boice’s commentary on Ephesians is a masterpiece. “When people have trouble with election – and many do – their real problem is not with the doctrine of election, although they think it is, but with the doctrine of depravity that makes election necessary.” “The question to settle is: How far did the human race fall… Continue reading Problem with Election – or Depravity?