The Freeness of Grace… (Toplady)

Augustus Toplady used the term "legal fear" to describe the fear people have that makes them think they need to earn God's favor. They're afraid that if they don't do enough to meet God's standards he will not accept them. It's a fear that tells a person he cannot be certain of God's love -… Continue reading The Freeness of Grace… (Toplady)

God’s Sovereign Will and the Salvation of the Elect (Zanchi)

Zanchius, Predestination In light of his debates with John Wesley (1703-1791) about free will, predestination, and other related topics, Augustus Toplady (1740-1778) edited and translated some of Jerome Zanchi's 16th century writing on predestination. I'm not certain about the details of Toplady's editing and translating work but it's an enjoyable read so far. Here's a… Continue reading God’s Sovereign Will and the Salvation of the Elect (Zanchi)

Free Will or Free Grace? (Toplady)

In 1773, Augustus Toplady wrote to a friend about his dialogue with an Arminian, Mr. Oliver.  It's a longer discourse, but here's a section where Toplady, who himself was an Arminian when young, recounted his own story: When I was a lad of 15 or 16 years old, I was haranguing, in company, on the… Continue reading Free Will or Free Grace? (Toplady)