Jesus as Just an Example? (Keller)

It is a biblical concept for Christians to imitate Christ (1 Cor. 11:1; 1 Thes. 1:6, etc.). Of course we can't imitate Jesus perfectly, but one aspect of living the Christian life is seeking to being like Christ. When we - with the help of the Spirit - imitate Christ, it brings glory to God… Continue reading Jesus as Just an Example? (Keller)

Losing Identity, Losing Sanity (Keller)

As many of our readers know, identity issues and crises are a dime a dozen in our culture today. It's not just a gender thing. People also find their identity in what they do or don't eat, their political views, their preferred method of schooling their children, their excursions and adventures, or their looks/image. And… Continue reading Losing Identity, Losing Sanity (Keller)

Arguments for God’s Existence (Keller)

 Many Christians throughout history have argued for the existence of God in various ways and using various methods. For example, there's the moral argument for God. The argument goes something like this: there are objective morals in the world that transcend local communities. These morals didn't just arise out of thin air and they can't well… Continue reading Arguments for God’s Existence (Keller)

Faith and the Workplace (Keller)

Tim Keller has a helpful section in Center Church that has to do with the Christian faith and our daily vocations (callings).  I'm sure he goes into this more in his other book on this topic, but here's a nice summary from Center Church: Our faith changes our motivation for work.  For professionals and others… Continue reading Faith and the Workplace (Keller)

“Preaching” by Timothy Keller: A Short Review

  In the introduction of his new book, Preaching, Timothy Keller gives the general theme of the book: “As we preach, we are able to serve and love the truth of God’s Word and also to serve and love the people before us.  We serve the Word by preaching the text clearly and preaching the… Continue reading “Preaching” by Timothy Keller: A Short Review