Kuyper and Kingdoms

 In his fine book that deals with the person and work of the Holy Spirit, Abraham Kuyper talks about prayer and the Holy Spirit's role in it.  The section is quite good.  One thing that stuck out to me was how Kuyper explained intercessory prayer with regard to the phrase, "Thy kingdom come."  He said this first of all has… Continue reading Kuyper and Kingdoms

Mastricht on the Kingdom(s)

Peter Van Mastricht (d. 1709 - a Reformed professor of theology at Frankfort, Duisburgh, and Utrecht Universities) wrote a theological work called Theoretico-Practica Theologia in 1699.  Soli Deo Gloria published part of it in a booklet called A Treatise on Regeneration.  The entire book is well worth reading, but for now I just want to point out… Continue reading Mastricht on the Kingdom(s)