Troublers in the Church (Bridges)

 It's not a new occurrence when someone purposely tries to disrupt the unity and peace of a local Christian church. Paul had to deal with the Judaizers (cf. Gal; Phil. 3:2, etc.).  John had to warn the church of antichrists and false prophets (1 John). The list goes on.  Thankfully I'm not dealing with any… Continue reading Troublers in the Church (Bridges)

The (In)Sufficiency of the Word

  In chapter three of Whatever Happened to the Gospel of Grace James M. Boice discussed the sufficiency of God's Word.  Listen to these thought-provoking insights. "...Inerrancy is not the most critical issue facing the church today.  The most serious issue, I believe, is the Bible's sufficiency.  Do we believe that God has given us what we need in… Continue reading The (In)Sufficiency of the Word