To Distinguish is To Avoid Trouble (Manton)

In his treatise "The Life of Faith" Thomas Manton (d. 1677) spent a few paragraphs explaining from Scripture how to improve on cheerfully "walking with God in a course of obedience." One way is to meditate on God's promises. Another way is to plead those promises. Still another way is to "counterbalance things." What does… Continue reading To Distinguish is To Avoid Trouble (Manton)

Critical and Opinionated Christians (Manton)

Sadly, some Christians are super critical and overly opinionated.  They constantly criticize others and go around boldly stating their opinion (as if they're always right).  This is a sign of pride.  Of course, no Christian is perfect - we all struggle with various sins, passions, and evil pleasures.  But it is important for those who… Continue reading Critical and Opinionated Christians (Manton)

We All Stumble in Many Ways

One of the most famous lines the Apostle Paul wrote actually comes from the Psalms: there is none righteous, not even one (NASB; Rom 3:10; cf. Ps. 14 & 53).  James agreed: We all stumble in many ways (James 3:2 NASB; cf. Prov. 20:9).  Thomas Manton had some great reflections on this verse (James 3:2)… Continue reading We All Stumble in Many Ways

Commentary List on James’ Epistle

I've spent the past few months preaching and teaching through James' epistle, which was quite the faith-strengthening and repentance-increasing endeavor.  Since there are dozens of commentaries on James, I couldn't use them all.  Here are the ones I've used to some extent, with a brief review of each. 1) Craig Blomberg and Mariam Kamell's Zondervan… Continue reading Commentary List on James’ Epistle

A Treasury of Puritan Quotes

Here's a great little book that contains hundreds of quotes from many different Puritans from (roughly) the 17th century: A Puritan Golden Treasury ed. I. D. E. Thomas (Edinburgh: Banner of Truth, 2007).  This book is in the Puritan Paperbacks series, so it is small (roughly 5x7 inches and 320 pages).  The book is arranged… Continue reading A Treasury of Puritan Quotes