God Clothed in His Word and Promises (Luther)

 Here's a wonderful selection from Martin Luther's commentary on Psalm 51:1a (Have mercy on me, O God, because of your loyal love! NET).  These comments have a lot to do with Luther's critique of Rome's "theology of glory."  Notice how Luther talked about God "clothed in His Word and promises," which have to do with… Continue reading God Clothed in His Word and Promises (Luther)

Everything is Done! (The Theologian of the Cross)

You cannot fully understand Martin Luther’s work unless you understand his distinction between the theologian of the cross and the theologian of glory.  This distinction is also important for us today especially when some are leaving the biblical truths of the Reformation for the traditions of Rome.  I myself will not and cannot go to… Continue reading Everything is Done! (The Theologian of the Cross)

The Intrusion of the Cross

Taking a brief break from Bavinck on certainty by going back to something I've posted on before, I want to point out a few incredibly profound theses by Luther in the Heidelberg Disputation of 1518.   G. Forde wrote an excelent book discussing these theses by Luther called On Being A Theologian of the Cross, if… Continue reading The Intrusion of the Cross