Praise-Seeking Pastors [or Shaggy Donkey Ears] (Luther)

I probably don't have to explain the celebrity pastor ethos that is a major problem in Christianity today. In fact, some pastors want to be famous and well-known. Social media has made this problem worse. Anyway, in the "Preface to the Wittenberg Edition of Luther's German Writings", Martin Luther had some cutting things to say… Continue reading Praise-Seeking Pastors [or Shaggy Donkey Ears] (Luther)

A Good Theologian or a Bad One? (Sproul)

These are some helpful words from R. C. Sproul in his 1977 publication, Knowing Scripture. It was true 40 years ago; it's still true today: "Countless times I have heard Christians say, 'Why do I need to study doctrine or theology when all I need to know is Jesus?'¬† My immediate reply is this: 'Who… Continue reading A Good Theologian or a Bad One? (Sproul)

Theological Wonder: The Little Theologian

When I wore "the green," one of my instructors¬† in sergeant's school (PLDC) told us quite a few stories about his previous Airborne training at Ft. Benning and beyond.¬† Someone asked him why he wasn't still jumping and he answered: "Because the fear and amazement were gone, and I knew it was dangerous to jump… Continue reading Theological Wonder: The Little Theologian