Pascal on Justice, Evil, Truth

Here is number 699 of Pascal's Pensees. "When everything is moving at once, nothing appears to be moving, as on board ship.  When everyone is moving towards depravity, no one seems to be moving, but if someone stops he shows up the others who are rushing on, by acting as a fixed point." And here… Continue reading Pascal on Justice, Evil, Truth

God, Injustice, and Mercy (Anselm)

 The deep philosophical, theological, and practical question has been uttered for countless years: "If God is good, why is there evil and injustice."  A better and more humble question was asked by Anselm of Canterbury (d. 1109): "How do You spare the wicked if You are all-just and supremely just?"  He asked this and similar questions… Continue reading God, Injustice, and Mercy (Anselm)