The Problem of Evil in Atheism (Groothuis)

 In chapter 25 of Christian Apologetics, Douglas Groothuis discusses the problem of evil from a Christian perspective.  In this chapter he gives five unsatisfactory answers to evil.  The first one is atheism.  I thought this was quite helpful: Given the surfeit of evil, atheism advances itself as intellectually and morally superior to Christianity (and any religion).  Atheism is… Continue reading The Problem of Evil in Atheism (Groothuis)

Evil: An Unjustifiable Mystery (Blocher)

 I really appreciated Henri Blocher's book Evil and the Cross.  It's a helpful discussion about the problem of evil from a Christian perspective.  I've blogged about it before so I won't go into details.  However, reading through parts of this book again today I found one section I highlighted - it's worth sharing.  Right before this… Continue reading Evil: An Unjustifiable Mystery (Blocher)

Good, Evil, and God’s Providence

I appreciate Wayne Grudem’s discussion of providence in his Systematic Theology (ch. 16).  At one point, after discussing the doctrine of God’s providence, Grudem wrestles with the topic of good/evil and how they relate to this doctrine.  Here is an abridgment of Grudem’s analysis of the Bible’s teaching. 1) God uses all things to fulfill… Continue reading Good, Evil, and God’s Providence

God Owes Us A Good Life?

Many people today assume that God owes them a life of health, wealth, and happiness.  Since God is good, they say, he should bless us in many ways and keep us from all harm and danger.  I appreciate Timothy Keller’s answer to this false belief. “When we stand back to consider the premise – that… Continue reading God Owes Us A Good Life?

The Mystery of Evil

This section of Christopher Wright's fine book, The God I Don't Understand has cause me to think (which is part of the reason I like it!).  In fact, I'm still thinking about it.  Here it is: "...God has revealed to us vast amounts of truth in the Bible - about God himself, about creation, about… Continue reading The Mystery of Evil