Idolatry and Ingratitude (Luther)

 Luther's lectures on Romans were given during the years 1515-1516 at the University of Wittenberg.  During this time, Luther himself was still learning and reforming, so his later lectures and writings are more developed than what you find in his work on Romans.  However, in much of his discussion on Romans he's on the right… Continue reading Idolatry and Ingratitude (Luther)

Community, Gratitude, Dependence

In a letter to his parents dated 13 Sept. 1943, Dietrich Bonhoeffer wrote a bit about gratitude, dependence, and friendships.  I love this. "It's a strange feeling to be so completely dependent on other people; but at least it teaches one to be grateful, and I hope I shall never forget that.  In ordinary life… Continue reading Community, Gratitude, Dependence