An Interpretive Realist

Here are some great words about texts and their meaning in our postmodern context.“The basic problem with the postmodern liberation of the reader from dominant interpretations is that it fails to free readers from themselves. The irony of this liberation from fixed orders is that the postmodern self becomes free and responsible only by emptying… Continue reading An Interpretive Realist

Childs and Brueggemann: Canonical Text or Canonical Interpreter?

I've appreciated much of Brevard Childs' work in terms of biblical theology and his discussion of the canon.  I've also enjoyed reading some of Walter Brueggemann.  In an adaptation of Childs' Biblical Theology of the Old and New Testaments, namely Biblical Theology: A Proposal, Childs notes Brueggemann's criticism of his canonical proposal.  This is pretty… Continue reading Childs and Brueggemann: Canonical Text or Canonical Interpreter?

Historiography….and Eisenhower

Andrew and I have been discussing OT history and historiography.  We're wrestling through hermeneutical questions such as "What and how does the text tell us about history?"  We're finding, as many others have already noted in various ways, that these are some tough questions because there are a thousand things to consider when answering them.… Continue reading Historiography….and Eisenhower