A Navy Seal’s Story

Since I’m interested in military history, when I that saw The Last Rescue by former Navy Seal Howard Wasdin was available to review through the BookLook program, I requested it immediately.  I wasn’t disappointed!  It is a fascinating autobiography of Wasdin’s hard but grace-filled life.  God has brought this man through a lot, that’s for… Continue reading A Navy Seal’s Story

Gerhard von Rad and OT Testimony

As I mentioned earlier, a recent issue of Interpretation (July 2008 ) is completely dedicated to Gerhard von Rad, an OT scholar as well as preacher/teacher in Germany around the years of WWII. Here are a couple of helpful quotes about one aspect of von Rad's teaching. "The most characteristic genre, according to von Rad,… Continue reading Gerhard von Rad and OT Testimony

John’s Gospel: Trial, Testimony, Structure, and Minor Characters

John’s Gospel is a gospel of trial and testimony. Trials take place: Jesus on trial, his followers on trial, the world on trial, the Pharisees on trial, the Jews on trial, the reader on trial – it is a book of trials. It is also a book of testimony – legal witness that Jesus is… Continue reading John’s Gospel: Trial, Testimony, Structure, and Minor Characters

Lincoln, Testimony, and Criticism

A. T. Lincoln, in his book emphasizing the trial/witness motif in John's Gospel, has some helpful comments concerning critics of the biblical canon.  He talks about testimony, and how everyone relies on quite a bit of testimony without evaluating in full the scientific truth of the testimony.  (Example: a person asks "Where is the Post… Continue reading Lincoln, Testimony, and Criticism