Repelling Satan’s Temptations with Scripture (Winslow)

In Octavius Winslow's book, The Sympathy of Christ, he spends some time discussing Christ's temptation (Mt 4:1-11). Winslow comments on Christ's temptation and then explains how Christ understands our temptations (Heb 2:18, 4:15). He even gives practical insight into fighting off Satan's temptations in a Christ-like way. For example, Winslow says we must beware of… Continue reading Repelling Satan’s Temptations with Scripture (Winslow)

Why Does God Allow Temptations?

Sometimes a child of God asks, "Why does God allow me to be tempted?" Or "Why does God permit indwelling sin to remain in me? Why do I still struggle with these dark sins?" Those are good but difficult questions. Many Christians have asked those kinds of questions before, so if they've come to your… Continue reading Why Does God Allow Temptations?

God’s Promise to Preserve His People (Owen)

In his treatise On Temptation, John Owen spent much time expositing the Bible's teaching on temptation. Specifically, Owen referred to Mt. 26:41 & Rev. 3:10. At one point, Owen discussed God's promise to preserve his people - the promise John mentions in Rev. 3:10. Here are Owen's remarks: Now, in every promise there are three… Continue reading God’s Promise to Preserve His People (Owen)

How/Why Can Faith Resist Satan? (Watson)

 In his exposition of the sixth petition of the Lord's Prayer (lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one), Thomas Watson explains how faith can be so strong as to resist Satan's temptations in such a way that he flees from us (cf. James 4:7): [Faith can resist Satan and put… Continue reading How/Why Can Faith Resist Satan? (Watson)

Why God Allows Satan’s Temptations (Watson)

Why does God allow Satan to tempt Christians?  If he is sovereign, why doesn't he just make some kind of force field around us, so to speak, so that Satan can't touch us?  Temptations are a hard part of the Christian life, so why does our heavenly Father allow us to be tempted?  Thomas Watson… Continue reading Why God Allows Satan’s Temptations (Watson)