Television, Vigilance, Truth

 Douglas Groothuis calls television an agent of truth decay in today’s (post-)postmodern world.  Os Guinness, in Fit Bodies, Fat Minds, from a slightly different angle, comes to a similar conclusion.  So this post and the one quoting Groothuis should be read together. [[Before I quote Guinness, I do want to note that I’m not saying… Continue reading Television, Vigilance, Truth

TV’s Assault on Truth (Groothuis)

The appendix of Truth Decay by Douglas Groothuis is a short essay that describes how television is a “potent agent of truth decay” in today’s postmodern (or post-postmodern) world.  I found the essay to be helpful, so I’ll summarize Groothuis’ five ways television has contributed (and does contribute) to the decay of truth in our… Continue reading TV’s Assault on Truth (Groothuis)