Can’t Live Without Your Smart Phone? (Price)

 It doesn't take an expert to realize that many people spend hours on their smartphones each day.  No matter where you go there are people staring at their phones.  At traffic lights, waiting rooms, baseball games, restaurants, and hiking paths, you'll find people on their smartphones.  Some people can't handle it when they forget their… Continue reading Can’t Live Without Your Smart Phone? (Price)

How To Break Up With Your Phone (Price)

 I really enjoy technology and I am glad we have it to help us make our lives easier in many ways.  However, the downside to some technology is that it so quickly enslaves us.  The smart phone of course, is the perfect example.  I've had one for nearly three years now, and thankfully I haven't… Continue reading How To Break Up With Your Phone (Price)

The Internet and Our Brains

This is a book worth reading if you want to learn the how the internet affects our thinking: Nicholas Carr, The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains.  I'm not quite finished with it, so I'll reserve all my comments for later.  Here's a helpful quote to give you an idea of the… Continue reading The Internet and Our Brains

Worship and the Technology Bandwagon

I'm amazed and enthralled by modern technological advances.  I used to read Popular Mechanics with audible sounds of astonishment.  The first time I played around on my Ipod 4th Gen my wife rolled her eyes because I was practically prancing around the room in awe.  However, I'm also in full agreement (as I noted here before) with Quentin Schultze's… Continue reading Worship and the Technology Bandwagon

Book Giveaway Winner

Dan S. is the winner of Quentin Schultz's Habits of the High Tech Heart that we had as our first (and last?) giveaway.  Congrats, Dan!  He said he wanted it because ever since reading Neil Postman, Marshall McLuhan, and Ken Meyers he's been pondering the effects of technology on his own Christian life.  Dan -… Continue reading Book Giveaway Winner