The Christian Attitude toward the Lord’s Teaching (Futato)

I appreciate Mark Futato's commentary on the Psalms in the Cornerstone Biblical Commentary. It's not terribly long, but it does give helpful textual notes as well as application insights. For example, Futato doesn't give a verse-by-verse commentary on Psalm 119 (although I wish he would have!). However, he does a great job of summarizing the… Continue reading The Christian Attitude toward the Lord’s Teaching (Futato)

Knowing God and Scripture Apart From the Church? (Augustine)

  In the first section of the first volume of his Systematic Theology, Douglas Kelly makes a great point about how God is known by his Word in the fellowship of believers, in a covenantal context.  He puts it like this: faith is caused by truth, faith is the only appropriate response to truth, and faith arises… Continue reading Knowing God and Scripture Apart From the Church? (Augustine)

A Philosophy of (Christian School) Education

This book was a pleasant surprise: Piety and Philosophy: A Primer for Christian Schools by Richard A. Riesen (2nd ed.).  Riesen has been working with and in Christian schools for many years and has worked through the major issues and discussions that come with Christian schooling.  This book, Piety and Philosophy, is Riesen’s wisdom and… Continue reading A Philosophy of (Christian School) Education

Cyprian on a Teachable Spirit

   In Epistle LXXIII, Cyprian writes to Pompey about heretics and baptism.  In this letter, he also mentions the beauty of a teachable spirit (cf. 2 Tim. 2.24), which heretics generally do not have.  I love these lines. "Now he is teachable who is meek and gentle to the patience of learning.  For it behoves a… Continue reading Cyprian on a Teachable Spirit

Preachers & Teachers: Do Not Master the Text

Hopefully that title gets some attention! What I mean by it is that we preachers and Bible teachers should never have the idea or give the impression that we've mastered the text we are studying/preaching. We should never act as if we've completely exhausted the meaning out of the text, as if it is an… Continue reading Preachers & Teachers: Do Not Master the Text