Were the Israelites Exclusive Psalmists?

I (Shane) typically don’t reference web articles/blogs here because I don’t typically read articles/blogs on the internet.  But I do keep track of an online publication of the OPC (Orthodox Presbyterian Church) called Ordained Servant.  I recently read a helpful piece there by T. David Gordon called “The Israelites Were Not Exclusive Psalmists (Nor Are… Continue reading Were the Israelites Exclusive Psalmists?

Can Johnny Sing Hymns?

I just got around to reading T. D. Gordon's new one, Why Johnny Can't Sing Hymns.  In this book, he argues that many people today (a.k.a. Johnny) can't sing hymns because they cannot relate to anything but pop culture's contemporary music.  Since we're surrounded by the music of popular culture, our musical categories have been… Continue reading Can Johnny Sing Hymns?