On Reading Michael Horton’s ST

Since I just finished Michael Horton's The Christian Faith, I thought I'd give some feedback which I hope will be helpful to those of you who own or plan to own this great new theology book.  Before I set this book aside and get to my other reading 'work,' I wanted to give a brief… Continue reading On Reading Michael Horton’s ST

Complete Outline of Horton’s ST

 Here's the promised outline of Michael Horton's The Christian Faith (and stay tuned for a brief review of the same).  Since there isn't a detailed outline in the book itself, I created one so I can more easily find topics for future studies and reference.  Click the link below for this outline in PDF format. … Continue reading Complete Outline of Horton’s ST

An Outline of Horton’s ST (Part II)

 I'm still enjoying Michael Horton's The Christian Faith very much.  I really appreciate Horton's trinitarian emphasis - the doctrine of the Trinity is woven throughout each theological topic.  It is solidly trinitarian!  Also, I love how Horton continually points out the errors of Deism and Pantheism by stressing the Creator/creature distinction and the analogical nature… Continue reading An Outline of Horton’s ST (Part II)

An Outline of Horton’s New ST

 I have to admit that I'm not wild about some aspects of the layout of Mike Horton's excellent new systematic theology, The Christian Faith.  I'm not sure why the editors/publisher didn't give us a more detailed outline, and I'm not sure what good a tiny glossary does (it is 12 pages or so).  This book is a… Continue reading An Outline of Horton’s New ST

Horton on Theology

 Great stuff here by Michael Horton in The Christian Faith: A Systematic Theology for Pilgrims on the Way. "...It is the goal of good theology to humble us before the triune God of majesty and grace.  ...The older theologians of the Reformation and Post-Reformation eras were so convinced that their interpretations fell far short of… Continue reading Horton on Theology