Classic Arminianism: The Grandfather of Rationalism

Every now and then while reading Herman Bavinck, I run across this loaded proposal: moralism, mysticism, rationalism, and deism go hand in hand.  I know what he means, but until recently I had to make the deductions myself in light of his other writings.  In Saved by Grace, I found his own explanation of this… Continue reading Classic Arminianism: The Grandfather of Rationalism

The Canons/Synod of Dort: Back in Print

I can still hear the one and only voice of Rev. P. Y. De Jong and still see him preaching in his jet black Genevan robe while leaning a little to his left.  As a kid, I knew he was a herald of the Word by the way he spoke (no apologies - this IS the Word of God, so listen) and dressed… Continue reading The Canons/Synod of Dort: Back in Print