Reasons to Love the Lord’s Day (McCheyne)

In volume one of Robert Murray McCheyne's Works you can find a short treatise this 19th century Scottish pastor wrote about the Lord's Day. It's simply called "I Love the Lord's Day." The beginning of this treaties is a list of reasons to love the Lord's Day. This is a helpful section and is full… Continue reading Reasons to Love the Lord’s Day (McCheyne)

On The First Day of The Week We Gather… (Cyril)

Cyril's commentary on John's Gospel is one that has been very helpful in my studies. It's always enjoyable to read; Cyril is a good teacher! [[If you remember, Cyril of Alexandria was the 5th century theologian who wrote against Nestorius' unbiblical teaching on the person and nature of Christ. Nestorius taught that there were two… Continue reading On The First Day of The Week We Gather… (Cyril)

Sunday Sickness?!? (Morbus Sabbaticus)

 From time to time I read and utilize sermon illustration books.  Sometimes the illustrations aren't good or helpful.  Sometimes they are helpful.  Other times they just make me think.  Here's a humorous one that stuck out this morning in my studies: “Morbus Sabbaticus,” better known as “Sunday sickness,” is a disease peculiar to some church… Continue reading Sunday Sickness?!? (Morbus Sabbaticus)

Sabbath: The First Day of the Week

Why has the Christian church historically called Sunday “the Lord’s Day” or “The Christian Sabbath?”  Why do we meet for worship on the first day of the week, and rest on it?  William Ames explains this well in his Marrow of Theology (II.XV.27-29): “Divine not human authority has now changed the last day of the… Continue reading Sabbath: The First Day of the Week

Sunday and the Small Church

NOTE: This is a slightly edited repost from May 26, 2009. Here's some great stuff from Preaching and Worship in the Small Church by Willimon and Wilson (Nashville: Abigdon, 1980).  In this section (chapter three), Willimon and Wilson write about the primary activity of the small church: Sunday worship. The authors first lament the fact… Continue reading Sunday and the Small Church