The Reformed Reader Turns Fifteen: An Anniversary Post

Last week I saw a note here on WordPress that the Reformed Reader blog is fifteen years old this month. Sure enough, looking back, I saw that we started the blog up in September of 2007. In the big picture of the Christian life a blog is pretty insignificant. But still, we're thankful to the… Continue reading The Reformed Reader Turns Fifteen: An Anniversary Post

Hymns and Devotions for Weary Souls (Tada)

Here's a helpful devotional on suffering in the Christian life: Songs of Suffering: 25 Hymns and Devotions for Weary Souls by Joni Earkeckson Tada. I received a review copy of this devotional earlier this week and I've been encouraged by the various reflections and hymns Tada has put together in this book. As a side,… Continue reading Hymns and Devotions for Weary Souls (Tada)

Consolation in Affliction (Calvin)

Here's one of those wonderful insights from John Calvin (d. 1564) on the Christian's consolation in affliction. If you're suffering right now or facing a difficult trial, these words will make a good Monday meditation for your Christian heart and mind. It's based on Jesus' words to the criminal on the cross ("Today you will… Continue reading Consolation in Affliction (Calvin)

Persecution and Providence (Calvin)

In 1557 the Reformed church in Paris was facing pretty severe persecution. In a letter that John Calvin wrote to the church in Paris during this time he mentioned his prayers for them and his desire to help them more. It seems like some Christians had attempted to send some sort of aid and helps… Continue reading Persecution and Providence (Calvin)

On This Blog 14 Years Ago…

For various reason I was recently thinking about the first few posts I did on this blog. Andrew and I started "The Reformed Reader" back in September 2007. That makes me feel old! Anyway, here's one of the first posts from the Reformed Reader taken from exactly 14 years ago:----- Peter Eldersveld, a CRC minister… Continue reading On This Blog 14 Years Ago…