Persecution and Providence (Calvin)

In 1557 the Reformed church in Paris was facing pretty severe persecution. In a letter that John Calvin wrote to the church in Paris during this time he mentioned his prayers for them and his desire to help them more. It seems like some Christians had attempted to send some sort of aid and helps… Continue reading Persecution and Providence (Calvin)

Dangers of Overemphasizing Women’s Submission (Miller)

Last year I read Rachel Miller's helpful book "Beyond Authority and Submission." A friend of mine who appreciated it mentioned it to me yesterday and that made me remember a blog post I did on it awhile back. This topic is near and dear to my heart because I know Christian women who have suffered… Continue reading Dangers of Overemphasizing Women’s Submission (Miller)

The Dangers of Overemphasizing Women’s Submission (Miller)

 The Bible teaches that in a marriage relationship the wife needs to submit to her own husband (e.g. Eph. 5:24).  However, the Bible says so many other things about wives and women.  If we focus too much on the call to submit and nearly ignore the other biblical teaching on wives and women, it often… Continue reading The Dangers of Overemphasizing Women’s Submission (Miller)

The Duty Ours, The Power is God’s (Flavel)

When it comes to the mysterious providence of God and trials that come our way in his providence, we need to submit to his will (even when it's hard to do!). We need the faith to say, "Lord, you know best; thy will be done." How can we do that? It's easier said than done… Continue reading The Duty Ours, The Power is God’s (Flavel)

The “Admirable Method” of God’s Providence (Calvin)

 Around 1560 John Calvin wrote "A Brief Confession of Faith" which was probably meant to be a shorter version of his larger confession for French Reformed churches.  Like other Protestant confessions of faith, it gives a good summary of the main teachings of Scripture - summaries which date back to the Nicene and Apostles' creeds.… Continue reading The “Admirable Method” of God’s Providence (Calvin)