Living The Story We Believe (Baraka)

As I've mentioned here before, Sho Baraka's song, "Fathers, 2004" is one of my favorite songs. It made me get his book, He Saw That it Was Good. Speaking of, I was recently listening to Baraka's music and this all made me think of the "story" aspect he highlighted in his book. Here it is:… Continue reading Living The Story We Believe (Baraka)

Historiography….and Eisenhower

Andrew and I have been discussing OT history and historiography.  We're wrestling through hermeneutical questions such as "What and how does the text tell us about history?"  We're finding, as many others have already noted in various ways, that these are some tough questions because there are a thousand things to consider when answering them.… Continue reading Historiography….and Eisenhower

Telling the Redemption Story to Your Kids

Here's a good book for your kids somewhere between ages 8-12, give or take.  It is the "big picture" story of Scripture - redemptive history from Genesis to Revelation with the gospel at the center - embedded in a story.  A grandpa tells two of his grandkids about a great war (building on the theme… Continue reading Telling the Redemption Story to Your Kids

God’s New Language

Here are a few thought provoking words for the day from Stanley Hauerwas. "At Pentecost God created a new language, but it was a language that is more than words.  It is instead a community whose memory of its savior creates the miracle of being a people whose very differences contribute to their unity.  We… Continue reading God’s New Language