Cheesy Church Choruses

If you've been in (or are currently in) an average American evangelical Christian church, no doubt you know what a cheesy Christian song is all about.  From "Shine Jesus Shine" to "I Can Only Imagine," solid theology is out and emotions and contemporary are "in."   I like what Stephen Nichols has to say about this. … Continue reading Cheesy Church Choruses

VeggieTales and Wal-Mart

  You need to get this book.  I posted on it last week; here's another excellent blurb. "One particular episode of VeggieTales has Madame Blueberry acquiring so much stuff that her tree house eventually collapses.  She has become a slave to her stuff, to the accumulation of things.  She has forsaken people, her friends, in the… Continue reading VeggieTales and Wal-Mart

The Jesus of America’s Founding Fathers

 I cannot recommend this book enough: Stephen Nichols, Jesus: Made in America (Downers Grove: InterVarsity Press, 2008).  Seriously, I couldn't set this thing down.  In it, Nichols simply discusses how American evangelicals (broadly speaking) have viewed Jesus.  He starts in the Puritan era, walks through the frontier, Victorian New England, the social gospel, music, Hollywood, business and ends with the… Continue reading The Jesus of America’s Founding Fathers