Excluding Religion From Government and Politics?

I recently purchased Wayne Grudem’s Politics According to the Bible at a local thrift store for just a few bucks.  Since I’m a pastor, I always keep my political opinions away from the pulpit and usually keep them to myself even in private discussions.  However, I am somewhat interested in things closely related to politics… Continue reading Excluding Religion From Government and Politics?

Luther: Finis Politiae et Finis Ecclesiae

 In an Advent sermon from 1532 preached at the stadtkirche,  Luther noted the difference between the Lord Christ's kingdom and that of the lord Caesar.  Luther said it in Latin: finis politiae est pax mundi; finis ecclesiae est pax aeterna.  Here's his explanation: "The end purpose of the government is temporal peace, while the ultimate end of the church is not… Continue reading Luther: Finis Politiae et Finis Ecclesiae

The Reformed Scholastics on the Regnum Christi

Earlier, I noted Watson and Bavinck's notes on the kingship of Christ, as well as Luther's.  It was pretty "standard speak" in the Reformation and post-Reformation schools to talk about the reign of Christ (regnum Christi) in a threefold way.  Brakel (and the aforementioned Reformers) used these terms: Christ's kingly office is threefold: 1) "He… Continue reading The Reformed Scholastics on the Regnum Christi