The Family and the State (Kline)

According to Genesis, the institution of the family came before the institution of the state. Adam and Eve had a family before cities were formed and before the sword-bearing state was founded in Genesis 4:15 and 9:5-6. This is God's order: he instituted the family and then later the state. I appreciate how Meredith Kline… Continue reading The Family and the State (Kline)

Subjection to the Governing Authorities

 Romans 13 was one of those parts of Scripture that were formative for me in my later teenage years.  I had to think about it quite a bit since I served in the U.S. Army (Reserves).  And it's still a text that I think about quite a bit since submitting to the civil government is… Continue reading Subjection to the Governing Authorities

We Honor the Governing Authorities (Calvin)

 The apostle Peter tells Christians that we must "honor" and "submit to" governing authorities like kings, presidents, governors, and other similar rulers (1 Pet. 2:13-14, 17).  Peter doesn't say we should honor and submit to some governing authorities, but to all of them (1 Peter 2:13a).  One thing this means is that Christians should be… Continue reading We Honor the Governing Authorities (Calvin)

Christians: Rebels Deserving Death (Schaeffer)

 Although I have read several books by Francis Schaeffer, I haven't read one of his more popular ones called How Should We Then Live?  I'm around the halfway point and so far I'm enjoying it.  Right near the beginning, Schaeffer talked about Roman persecution of Christians in the early centuries of the church.  I like how… Continue reading Christians: Rebels Deserving Death (Schaeffer)

On Honoring Caesar (Tertullian)

 Tertullian's (145-220 AD) Apology is an outstanding early defense of Christianity.  I've written on Tertullian before, but here and now I want to highlight a section (chap. 31-34) where Tertullian said that Christians neither hated Caesar nor dishonored him.  Rather, they prayed for him and gave him high honor, as the Scriptures commanded. "[Do you think that we… Continue reading On Honoring Caesar (Tertullian)