Keeping Theological Ethics Theological

If you do any intermediate reading in Christian ethics, Stanley Hauerwas should be on your reading list.  Though I don't always agree with everything Hauerwas says, I've appreciated The Hauerwas Reader edited by John Berkman and Michael Cartwright (Durham: Duke University Press, 2001).  This book contains 600+ pages of Hauerwas' essays on everything from discipleship… Continue reading Keeping Theological Ethics Theological

Likeable Preaching and Preachers

I love how Stan Hauerwas discusses preaching in his intro to A Cross Shattered Church.   Warning: you might not like this if your preacher tells cute stories and never talks about sin, death, or hell. "...When a sermon is thought to be no more than a speech by the minister to provide advice to help us… Continue reading Likeable Preaching and Preachers

Hauerwas on Death

"We live in a death-denying world that seems determined to develop technologies that will enable us to get out of life alive.  Yet the more we strive to be free of death the more we are shaped by the death-determined means we create to try to free ourselves of death.  Even more paradoxical, the means… Continue reading Hauerwas on Death

Hauerwas: Theses on Christian Ethics

 In The Hauerwas Reader, edited by John Berkman and Michael Cartwright, there is an essay of Stanley Hauerwas from 1981 called "Reforming Christian Social Ethics: Ten Theses."  I'm not a pacifist (but I hate war and love peace), nor am I "with" Hauerwas in every way, but a lot of the stuff he says is… Continue reading Hauerwas: Theses on Christian Ethics