Prayer Changes Things (Sproul)

God uses our prayers as a means to his ends. Our prayers are not pointless; they fit in with God's sovereign providence and plan. There is mystery here to be sure. We are finite creatures and many of God's ways and thoughts are far, far beyond us. But the Bible does teach that God hears… Continue reading Prayer Changes Things (Sproul)

A Good Theologian or a Bad One? (Sproul)

These are some helpful words from R. C. Sproul in his 1977 publication, Knowing Scripture. It was true 40 years ago; it's still true today: "Countless times I have heard Christians say, 'Why do I need to study doctrine or theology when all I need to know is Jesus?'  My immediate reply is this: 'Who… Continue reading A Good Theologian or a Bad One? (Sproul)

A Truth Worth Dividing The Church (Sproul)

At the heart of historic, confessional Reformed teaching and preaching is the biblical doctrine of justification by faith alone.  An essential part of justification sola fide is the truth of imputation.  R. C. Sproul’s words on this doctrine are outstanding and edifying. “If any word was at the center of the firestorm of the Reformation… Continue reading A Truth Worth Dividing The Church (Sproul)

Far from Rome, Near to God

 Here’s a book that shows the darkness of the Roman Catholic Church: Far from Rome, Near to God.  In it, you’ll find fifty stories about modern day Roman Catholic priests who came out of Rome because of her unbiblical and gospel-distorting teachings.  Here are a few excerpts.  The first has to do with Rome’s doctrine… Continue reading Far from Rome, Near to God

Go to Hell, Death!

  There are few things I hate worse than death.  Though the thought of it doesn't fill me with terror, I hate it with every fiber of my Christian being.  Death is just not right; it is not the way things should be.  I can't wait for the day when Jesus comes back to destroy death once-and-for-all (1… Continue reading Go to Hell, Death!