The Absolute Sovereignty and Supremacy of God (Hodge)

 Charles Hodge left behind several hand written sermons he gave on various passages from Romans.  They are quite good to say the least!  I just finished his sermon called "Glory of Salvation" based on Romans 11:33-36.  At one point in the sermon he says that these words of Paul have to do with the "absolute… Continue reading The Absolute Sovereignty and Supremacy of God (Hodge)

He Inclines Their Wills (Augustine)

 In 1 Kings 12 Solomon's son Rehoboam had just become Israel's new king.  Israel begged him to lighten the yoke of hard service.  To make a longer story short, Rehoboam flatly refused and told them that he'd instead add to the hard service (1 Ki 12:11, 14).  Scripture gives us this insight in the middle… Continue reading He Inclines Their Wills (Augustine)

The Means and Ends Cooperate (Bavinck)

Here's a deep theological thought for the day, a truth that magnifies the sovereignty of God: "With God, means and ends always cooperate."  Herman Bavinck wrote those words, followed by these statements which highlight God's sovereign decree: "In his decree the causes and the consequences, the pathways and outcomes are established in indissoluble connection with… Continue reading The Means and Ends Cooperate (Bavinck)

All Things for Good: Other People’s Sins? (Watson)

 Sin, of course, is not a good thing.  Sin is evil; sin is lawlessness.  However, in God's sovereignty, he can use sin for the benefit of his people.  Paul said it very clearly: All things work together for the good of those who love God (Rom. 8:28).  "All things" includes those instances when people sin… Continue reading All Things for Good: Other People’s Sins? (Watson)

The “Admirable Method” of God’s Providence (Calvin)

 Around 1560 John Calvin wrote "A Brief Confession of Faith" which was probably meant to be a shorter version of his larger confession for French Reformed churches.  Like other Protestant confessions of faith, it gives a good summary of the main teachings of Scripture - summaries which date back to the Nicene and Apostles' creeds.… Continue reading The “Admirable Method” of God’s Providence (Calvin)