Regeneration: An Act of Sovereign Grace

  When a sinner who is dead in sin comes to saving faith in Christ, it is a sovereign and gracious work of God.  We cannot take even 1% of the credit for coming to Christ; we cannot pat ourselves on the back or seek an award for coming to Christ.  Instead, we stay at… Continue reading Regeneration: An Act of Sovereign Grace

An Instance of Sovereign Grace

Here are some words John Newton wrote in March, 1775, to a friend and fellow minister of the gospel.  The dialogue had to do with what we might call the “spiritual ups and downs” of the Christian life.  Newton wrote, “The enemy assaults me more by sap than storm; and I am ready to think… Continue reading An Instance of Sovereign Grace

Preservation/Perseverance of the Saints: Practical Application

Yesterday I mentioned the biblical foundation of the doctrine of the perseverance of the saints.  We learned that this doctrine is based on biblical texts and biblical arguments/logic.  Today I want to note the "practical use" of this amazing doctrine.  In the terms of Wilhelmus a Brakel, this doctrine effectively comforts Christians and leads them… Continue reading Preservation/Perseverance of the Saints: Practical Application