Set Free by Love to Love (Bernard)

This is an excellent meditation on loving God: "Sermon 83 on the Song of Songs" by Bernard of Clairvaux. I appreciate how Bernard is Augustinian in this exposition of love based on the greatest love song, the Song of Songs: ...God then demands to be feared as Lord, honored as Father, and loved as Bridegroom.… Continue reading Set Free by Love to Love (Bernard)

A “Delightful Reciprocity” in Marriage (Dorsey)

I've been studying and preaching through the Song of Songs. So far it's been a rewarding experience! One helpful resource for me has been David Dorsey's The Literary Structure of the Old Testament. I appreciate how Dorsey breaks down the Song into various parts with themes and key words. If you haven't seen this resource,… Continue reading A “Delightful Reciprocity” in Marriage (Dorsey)

Bernard of Clairvaux on Loving God

After reading Bernard of Clairvaux's (d. 1153) Selected Works edited by Emilie Griffin, I can see why Luther, Calvin, the Puritans, and many others have appreciated him.  Here's an excerpt from a short treatise he wrote on [the] love of/for God called On Loving God. "God is not loved without reward, even though he should… Continue reading Bernard of Clairvaux on Loving God