A “Delightful Reciprocity” in Marriage (Dorsey)

I've been studying and preaching through the Song of Songs. So far it's been a rewarding experience! One helpful resource for me has been David Dorsey's The Literary Structure of the Old Testament. I appreciate how Dorsey breaks down the Song into various parts with themes and key words. If you haven't seen this resource,… Continue reading A “Delightful Reciprocity” in Marriage (Dorsey)

The Incomparable Goodness and Excellence of Christ (Sibbes)

Here's a fascinating and edifying section of Richard Sibbes' (d. 1635) sermons on the Song of Solomon. In this section Sibbes was explaining "that Christ, as he is beautiful and good, so he is incomparably, beyond all comparison good: ‘He is a standard bearer, one among ten thousand; anointed with the oil of gladness above… Continue reading The Incomparable Goodness and Excellence of Christ (Sibbes)