Martin Luther: Christ Alone!

(This is a re-post from March 2012) When Martin Luther preached from the Gospel passages on John the Baptist, he always emphasized how John's finger pointed to Christ, and how the church most follow in John's footsteps and point people to the Lord without fail.  Salvation can only be found in Jesus and in no… Continue reading Martin Luther: Christ Alone!

Charles Hodge on Justification

If you haven’t read Charles Hodge’s (d. 1878) explanation of justification in his Systematic Theology, I recommend you do so sooner than later.  You’re in for a real treat!  It’s not too tough to read (aside from the untranslated Latin), it’s well structured, and it is under 100 pages long.  Here are a few excerpts… Continue reading Charles Hodge on Justification

Faith Alone, Justification, and Loving Your Neighbor

Martin Luther brilliantly taught that justification by faith alone is profoundly related to a Christian’s love for his neighbor.  If a Christian thinks that his works play even a small a part in justification, he will never be able to help his neighbor out of true love.  Instead, he will use his neighbor as a… Continue reading Faith Alone, Justification, and Loving Your Neighbor

Cast Your Deadly Doing Down

  Here's a snippet of  B.B. Warfield's outstanding Philippians 3.9 exposition found in Faith and Life.  "All that he [Paul] is, all that he has sought after, all that he has done - though from a fleshly point of view far superior to what most men can appeal to - all, all, he counts (not merely useless but)… Continue reading Cast Your Deadly Doing Down

Ames on Justification

 Great stuff by William Ames (d. 1633) on justification by faith alone in Christ alone. "Justification is the gracious judgment of God by which he absolves the believer from sin and death, and reckons him righteous and worthy of life for the sake of Christ apprehended in faith (Rom 3.22)." "This justification comes about because… Continue reading Ames on Justification