“One Grain of Arminianism” A. Toplady

I’ve recently been enjoying the writing of Augustus Toplady (d. 1778).  As you may know, Toplady wrote “Rock of Ages” and “A Debtor to Mercy Alone.”  He was a defender of the doctrines of grace and debated John Wesley’s Arminianism.  Here are a few sections from his sermon on Ps. 115:1 (Not to us, LORD,… Continue reading “One Grain of Arminianism” A. Toplady

Thou Art All

Psalm 115:1 says, “Not to us, O LORD, not to us, but to Your name give glory” (NASB).  John Owen has some excellent comments on this theme of soli Deo gloria: Have any of us any glory, any crowns, any gifts, any graces, any wisdom or valor, any useful endowments?  Let us cast them all… Continue reading Thou Art All

Salvation: All of God, All of Grace

  This is a great section from a great book: "The doctrines of grace [a.k.a. TULIP] stand or fall together, and together they point to one central truth: salvation is all of grace because it is all of God; and because it is all of God, it is all for his glory." "To fully appreciate… Continue reading Salvation: All of God, All of Grace