All Our Works Excluded (Vos)

  When it comes to being right with God - being declared righteous by God and accepted by him - all our works are completely excluded.  Or, as the Bible says, we are not justified by works, but by faith in Christ (Hab. 2:4, Rom. 3:28, 10:10, etc).  This is the meaning behind these solas:… Continue reading All Our Works Excluded (Vos)

Far from Rome, Near to God

 Here’s a book that shows the darkness of the Roman Catholic Church: Far from Rome, Near to God.  In it, you’ll find fifty stories about modern day Roman Catholic priests who came out of Rome because of her unbiblical and gospel-distorting teachings.  Here are a few excerpts.  The first has to do with Rome’s doctrine… Continue reading Far from Rome, Near to God

Ames on Justification

 Great stuff by William Ames (d. 1633) on justification by faith alone in Christ alone. "Justification is the gracious judgment of God by which he absolves the believer from sin and death, and reckons him righteous and worthy of life for the sake of Christ apprehended in faith (Rom 3.22)." "This justification comes about because… Continue reading Ames on Justification

A Brief Review of Driscoll/Breshears’ “Doctrine”

    Update: In recent weeks (Nov-Dec 2011) Mark Driscoll has gone on record with some explicit claims of continuing revelation. We appreciate Driscoll's ability to formulate and teach a few aspects of Reformed theology quite well, but we do not in any way agree with the notion that God continues to reveal himself to us apart… Continue reading A Brief Review of Driscoll/Breshears’ “Doctrine”