Martin Luther on Grace Alone

This is a repost from March 15, 2011. Here are some great words from Martin Luther on salvation by grace alone.  These quotes are from a sermon on Titus 3:4-8 and can be found in volume 3 of Baker’s 7-volume set of Luther’s sermons (edited by J. N. Lenker and others). “So he [Paul in… Continue reading Martin Luther on Grace Alone

Great Grace and a Swelling Tone of Joy! (Warfield)

Scripture teaches that the way of salvation begins and ends with God's grace (John 1:16, Rom. 11:6; 1 Cor. 15:10, etc.). We are justified and saved by grace alone. This truth gives the Christian great joy! I like how B. B. Warfield talked about this. Note how he links together grace and joy: It belongs… Continue reading Great Grace and a Swelling Tone of Joy! (Warfield)

Grace Efficacious, Grace Unlosable (Hoekema)

 God's saving grace is sovereign grace. That means so many things!  It means that election is gracious rather than meritorious (Eph 1:6); election is unconditional because it is all of God's gracious good pleasure.  Regeneration is gracious: we were dead in sin, but God graciously gave us new life in Christ (Eph. 2:5).  Justification is… Continue reading Grace Efficacious, Grace Unlosable (Hoekema)

Reigning Grace (Or: Cast Your Idol Works Away)

 John Newton's hymns cover many different Scripture texts and themes.  One biblical theme that often comes up in his hymns is grace - the fact that salvation from start to finish, beginning to end is all of grace, only by grace, and of grace alone (Eph. 2:5).  Here are a few selections from various hymns that… Continue reading Reigning Grace (Or: Cast Your Idol Works Away)

Live By Grace, Die By Grace

Here are some great words by Richard Sibbes (d. 1635) that highlight the grace of God. “The various attributes of God shine upon different occasions.  There are, as it were, several theaters in which their glory is revealed.  In creation there was, most of all, power; in governing the world, wise providence; in hell, justice… Continue reading Live By Grace, Die By Grace